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Mail from Howard Shifke (USA)

Hi Manfred and Renate,

Congratulations on your health! This is most wonderful. Thank you for your email. I agree with you that we all are on the same team fighting the Parkinson¹s from alternative approaches different from the current medical approach that does not help people recover from the disease.
I am more than happy to share your information with anybody who may receive a benefit.
Wishing you continued good health and many blessings,


Mail from Robert Rodgers PhD (USA)

Hi Manfred:

What a delighful email to receive. I founded Parkinsons Recovery in
2004 to document stories of recovery. I posted an announcement of your
kindle English ebook on the Parkinsons Recovery Blog. The link is below.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Olympia Washington USA


Blog from Robert Rodgers PhD (USA)


Mail from John Pepper (South-Africa)


From: John Pepper []
Sent: 03 August 2016 06:53 AM
To: 'Reverse Parkinsons Web'
Subject: RE: Parkinsons Website Comment/Query

Good Morning Manfred
I have not previously come across anybody who claims to be CURED of Pd. Do you mean that you take nothing and do nothing to stay free of any further Parkinson's symptoms?

What is it you would like me to do? Do you want me to tell you what I still have to do to stay more or less free of my Pd symptoms? Have you read my book, "Reverse Parkinson's Disease"?
I did the following things which I THINK have brought about my improvement in health:
1. Manage my STRESS LEVELS
2. Walk as FAST AS I CAN for 1 hour, 3 times a week
3. Do daily Brain Exercises
I say that I think the above has heped me get better but short of doing a controlled study on what I do, I cannot prove it.
You mention all sorts of approaches without any specifics. Can you be more specific about these approaches please.

Kind regards

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